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Perdomo partners with Bugatti

Feb. 26th 2013

Matt from Perdomo stops by the Stogies humidor to tell us all about these tasty new sticks. The result of an unprecedented partnership with the name in super cars, the Bugatti line delivers exactly what you would expect. Unsurpassed luxury. Check out the video here:

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The Lounge

Feb. 12th 2013

As I walked into the shop, all my senses found familiarity.  The smell was unmistakable.  There is a combination of dark wood, leather and brass that beckons you to sit and stay a while.  Maybe the game is on, but all I hear is the distinct, animated banter that only happens among a close-knit group.  Even this makes me feel at home.  While it is obvious that these guys all know each other, and quite well at that, there is something in the rhythm of their interaction that welcomes me.  It draws me in.   I have never been here before.  Never seen the pictures on the wall, and I don’t know anyone here.  Yet somehow I recognize everything.  There is nothing like walking into a cigar shop.


Weather it’s the feeling you get at the end of a long day when you finally get to your local shop, or the exhilaration of your very first steps into a cigar lounge, you are well met within these walls.  Greeted by the smell that hits you as you open the humidor.  The first hint of what awaits as the aromas waft up from the toasted foot.  How, with each puff, you settle a little deeper into the chair.  In the cigar lounge we find our space to decompress and leave the outside world behind.  For a few hours, we get to escape, relax and enjoy.


When I am in the lounge, I am where I belong.

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Welcome to Our Blog

Dec. 31st 2012

Welcome to our new blog.  We look forward to bringing you updates and events.  We want to wish everyone a happy new year and keep an eye out for our first post.

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